Candela Nordului (The Northern Candle), a journal of spirituality and culture in bilingual edition, was founded by His Grace Father Bishop Macarie Drăgoi on July 6, 2008, marking the time of his enthronement as the first hierarch, at the helm of the newly established Romanian Orthodox Diocese of Northern Europe. This magazine of Boreal Orthodoxy aims to provide a spiritual nourishment for a Christian world living in a desert of real communion and communion, and in a chronicled shortage of spiritual and lively words. At the same time, with various headings, it informs on pastoral, missionary, cultural and philanthropic activities within the eparchy, on the life of the Orthodox youth of the Scandinavian diaspora, as well as on current events.

The first Romanian ecclesiastical magazine in Northern Europe, named “Candela”, appeared for the first time on March 31, 1973, in Stockholm, at the newly established Romanian Orthodox Parish “Saint Great Martyr George”, the first in the entire Scandinavia, at the initiative of the first parish priest, Rev. Professor Alexandru I. Ciurea, with uninterrupted appearance until 1998, being coordinated by the descendants of Father Ciurea in the service of the faithful of the Romanian parish in the capital of the Kingdom of Sweden, the priests Stefan Sandu, Anton Posirca and Toader Doroftei.